cropped-logo-phs1Welcome to the Pebblebrook High School pre-course reading blog! The Pebblebrook English Department believes that the required reading assignment is an opportunity for students to establish a broad literacy foundation and exercise independent reading and thinking skills.  

Some grades will utilize a blog to post their assignments. Please use these instructions to set up a blog, if you do not already have one set up: How to Set up a Blog

Click on the link that is specific to the grade/course you are registered for to view content relevant to your pre-course reading text. For an overview of all the pre-course reading requirements, click here: 2019-2020_Pebblebrook_High_School_Summer_Reading

If you have a question about any course, please direct your questions to the English Administrator, Mrs. Robin Dowdy, at Robin.Dowdy@cobbk12.org.

*Please note that pre-course reading is for ALL English Courses. 

If you are interested in additional reading programs over the summer, please use this link : http://www.cobbsummerreading.com/